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Workout of the Day

  • Wednesday – 12/17/2014


    3 minute rope sled pull

    3x 10/10 DL

    3x 10/10 Clean grip Snatch

    3x SAP pullup



    4 minute plank holds

    1 min high, 1 minute rt side, 1 min low, 1 min lft side

    3-5 minutes KB OH Squat



    16 Minute Ping Pong

    A:  5 Deadlift 40/50/60

    B:  5 Weighted Pullups

    C:  6 Alt single leg RDL

    D:  30 Second max effort Clean grip Snatch



    5 Minute EMOM

    3 DB Manmakers

    use the remaining minute to perform as many Burpees as possible



    3 Minute cool down

    Couch Stretch

    Pigeon Stretch


  • Shawn C.

    CrossFit Mercer has been a great overall experience for us…mywife and both our children started coming to CFM and it made our marriage evenstronger. We are constantly trying to dobetter each time we come and now, she has her Level 1 certification. The kids love coming; they have a lot of funwhile learning the fundamentals […]

  • Sheila K.

    “I’ve always worked out; I used to belong to the “Y”.  But when I was working out before, I didn’t feel like I was all that fit.  CrossFit challenges me, makes me push myself.  It’s also where I leave all the stress behind and just concentrate on the workout.  CrossFit has made me change the […]

  • Amy V.

    “I stumbled upon CrossFit, but was really intimidated at first – it seemed so hard core!  Finally, I just went… I joined in January 2013.  My inital goal was to lose weight.  I soon realized that the number on the scale means very little and my goals became 1) get stronger and 2) lose body fat.  […]



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